Building A Unisex Baby Clothes Collection

If you are pregnant and have decided not to find out the gender of your baby, buying and registering for unisex baby clothes may be the best choice. Purchasing newborn essentials in unisex options is the best way to enjoy the surprise of your baby's gender while still being able to get as prepared as possible.

When researching baby clothes for your baby shower or just for a gift, you might have learned that numerous apparel lines and merchants often cater to baby girls. You may find it to be quite difficult to find suitable unisex baby clothes. An essential concern when choosing unisex baby clothes is picking a shade that may be worn by both genders. Light green, yellow, white, tan, even browns and reds are all good unisex choices. When considering style and prints, there are many different unisex options to select from. Remember the fact that you should keep away from gender particular prints. Try to find clothes with animal prints or outfits with geometric shapes, stripes, or letters.

There are many essentials that new parents need to make their everyday lives easier. When choosing unisex baby clothes, help out the parents-to-be by covering some of these necessities. There are some items that are necessary whether the baby is a girl or boy. Baby hats are very important. Newborn babies must be kept warm and comfortable. Baby hats will help prevent the loss of body head from the top of the baby's head. Newborn babies can also go through several onesies a day. A onesie is great because it can be worn alone in warm weather or under jumpers and sleepers in cold weather. Footed sleepers are another great option for babies in cold weather. Parents can keep their babys feet nice and warm without constantly dealing with missing booties, socks, or baby slippers. Some other important essentials when buying unisex baby clothes for new parents are socks, jumpers, bibs, shirts, burp cloths, and blankets.

If you have registered for all of the essentials and would like to purchase other types of unisex baby clothes for your little one, consider gender-neutral blue jeans. Blue jeans may not be practical for baby to wear on a daily basis but they are a very cute and versatile when taking baby out or having visitors to your home. Baby shoes, overalls, sweaters, and jackets are also non-essential but fun items to dress your baby in. Just remember to stick with unisex colors and prints.

Unisex baby clothes are also a great choice if you are planning to have more than one baby. Even if you know that you are currently pregnant with a boy, buying unisex baby clothes will allow you to reuse the clothes regardless of your next baby's gender. This can be particularly useful and cost effective with items like bedding, snowsuits, coats, and blankets.

If cost is a concern for you, consider buying used unisex baby clothing. Used baby clothing can be found in consignment shops and online auctions. You may also want to check out your newspaper to find local garage and yard sales. People with older children are often eager to unload bags and boxes of newborn and baby clothing for very reasonable prices. You can ask friends with older children if you can borrow baby clothing.


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