How To Get The Best Value For Money Baby Clothes

Babies grow very quickly so consequently baby clothes don't last long before they are outgrown. To avoid costly mistakes and to help you save money it is a good idea to plan shopping trips for baby clothes around the growth of your little one. Here are some ideas to bear in mind for your next trip to the baby store.

* Buy a larger size: Everyone says how fast babies grow and it's true. If you buy clothes that are a perfect fit they will not last more than a couple of weeks or so because they'll soon be too small. If you buy a larger size, the amount of time your baby can wear them will be extended and you will save money.

* When checking the size labels on the clothes look at them in terms of age, for instance 6 or 9 months , and then think about what the season is going to be when your child reaches that age. Not only will you have clothes that fit but that are also right for the time of year.

* If you have ever struggled to get a wriggling or crying baby dressed you will be aware that choosing clothes with back openings or that go over the head is not a good idea. Front opening outfits with either poppers or velcro fastenings save you and your baby a lot of stress.

* It is a good idea to have at least three or four changes of baby clothes per day in case of messy spills. Babies are notorious for spilling food down their clothes or being sick or dribbling down themselves so having enough changes of clothes is essential.

* It is always a good idea to check out the clearance rails in the stores first rather than paying regular prices. Most store have bargain rails, especially when they are swapping out seasonal clothes, and sometimes they discount them even more at the cash register. If you shop during sale time and on the clearance racks you can save a lot of money.

* Accept new and gently used clothes: If a member of your family has older children they may want to give you their children's baby clothes. Sometimes these may include new clothes that their baby didn't wear. This is a great way to save money especially if they're things you would have bought yourself.

* Make some cash from old clothes: Selling the clothes your baby has outgrown is a great way to earn a little extra money. There are many places where you can turn outgrown baby clothes into cash, for example eBay, garage sales, thrift stores and online. You might not make a lot of money and certainly not what you originally paid for them, still, you'll at least get some of your money back.

These are just some of the ways you can save money when shopping for baby clothes. I'm sure there are many more. So before you go on the next baby clothes shopping spree it's worth remembering some of these ideas.


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